Production, Project Management


Here Elsewhere
Hermes x Robert Wilson

A Lumen Arts Production

Press – New York Times

Lumen Arts

At Lumen Arts I produced multi-department video art productions and installations in US, France, and Italy for world class artists and brands including Robert Wilson, Lady Gaga, and Hermes.

Video Portraits at ArtRave

Lumen Arts Production
Brooklyn, NY

A Winter Fable – Video Experience Commission

A Lumen Arts Production

Villa Panza, Italy

A Lumen Arts Production

Lady Gaga Video Portraits

Lumen Arts Production

Lady Gaga VPs x Robert Wilson

Lumen Arts Production
Watermill, NY

Select Installations

Lumen Arts Productions

Luminaria Arts Festival

Co-Curator, Producer
San Antonio, TX

Portsmouth Museum of Art

Exhibition Manager
Portsmouth, NH