Creative Direction – Design – Content

Mamatekla 2.0

Designed brand pivot post-Covid. Grew private client base quarter-over-quarter from Q2-Q4 2020, with a newly focused look and feel.


Founded and designed customer-centric brand with soul that inspired trust and engagement. Directed concept validation research for a grow-with-you app for new mothers.


Produced and scripted 6-episode video series under budget, within first weeks of COVID lockdowns.


Developed brand DNA, identity, and art direction for sustainable artisan e-commerce brand.


Directed conceptualization and design of all brand materials and content including brand identity, packaging, e-commerce website, copywriting, lookbook, social media and print campaigns.

Produced 3 product and 4 editorial photoshoots including scouting models, locations, photographers, stylists, and PAs.

Tree of Life Video Portraits Website

Website concept

Portsmouth Museum of Art

Proposed Website Re-design, 2015